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Investigating the accounts of Jesus still reaches the heart of people today. I saw it year after year when I served in Young Life as teenagers were honestly curious about this Jesus who they had not heard much about. It all begins with our relationships with those unfamiliar with the Bible.

Below is the slides from our training workshop for our leaders and one example of our lesson.

igroup InfoMtg

iGroup Curriculum MARK 2

Short-Term Curriculum

Our Luke 6 curriculum was written for our Short-Term Groups in the fall of 2010. Sermons and the groups connected around what is called the Sermon on the Plain. It is Luke’s telling of many of the teachings we’ve come to love in Matthew 5-7 or the Sermon on the Mount, but in a different setting. These are tough words for us to live by.

Here’s a few examples…

Luke 6_12-19 Ldr 1 Luke 6_12-19 Stu 1

Luke 6_37-42 Ldr 4 Luke 6_37-42 Stu 4

From Forum/Teacher Training

here is a list of curriculum we included in the Forum/Teacher Training packets.

This is a list of some of our available curriculum:

Some Curriculum Options

Missions & Evangelism Lesson Download:

Missions Lesson – October 09

Evangelism Lesson – October 09

***Below is the Missionary Presentation Schedule for ABFs (Akron and Green)***

Missionary Schedule – October 18th, 2009 (Akron & Green)



books/curriculum available

(copies are available to borrow and look over, or some to buy!)

contact or



Your Pathway to Progress

Pastor Andy Stanley is a master of breaking through assumptions and preconceptions and getting down to the nuts and bolts of what works and why it works.  In this study, Andy will take your group through a clear overview of Christian community – why it works, how it works, and steps to bring it about.  If you, as a leader, are a little hazy on what, exactly, you’re trying to do – asking question like “We know that, as Christians, we should be meeting together.  But, why?  And what are we supposed to be doing, specifically?” – then this study would be perfect for you.

The study contains DVD lessons and questions for group discussion.  Of course, you should feel free to expand the lessons, but if you’d prefer not to, everything you need is here.  This study would be excellent for any group – a new group can get form a framework and an old group can reflect on and evaluate how their group has progressed over the years.  We highly recommend it – contact Debbie Cardy today if you’d like to borrow a copy from our curriculum library!

Just Walk Across the Room:

Simple Steps Pointing People to Faith

(book, participant’s guide, DVD)


Building on his bestseller Becoming a Contagious Christian, Pastor Hybels shows you how to follow Jesus’ model of personal evangelism by “living in 3-D”—developing friendships, discovering stories, and discerning appropriate ways to leave your comfort zone. Learn to share the good news of redemption with people living far from God—and across the room.

You’ve got to do this series the best, guiltless and motivating teaching on evangelism. There are very easy, practical applications throughout the book.


Training Groups to be Groups

(book & DVD)


Foster healthy group interaction and facilitate maximum participation under the expert guidance of Cloud, Townsend, and Donahue! Stimulating questions, engaging activities, and innovative insights will encourage lively discussions on topics such as active listening, personal sharing, giving and receiving feedback, prayer, bringing out the best in others, and more.

It think this curriculum began the turn around for my Campus Group. We had a lot of transition in the group, so we didn’t know each other. We extended the series to about ten weeks by adding extra group interactions.

The Lazarus Life:

Spiritual Transformation for Ordinary People

(book only)


Step into the story of Lazarus and learn what it looks, feels,

smells, and sounds like to really change! Smith examines

the agony of waiting for Jesus; the messy realities of spiritual

transformation; our need to name the “grave clothes” that

bind us; the power of living in the light; and more. Accessible

and encouraging.


(Leader’s Guide, Participant’s Guide, DVD)


This dynamic six-session process will help Christians understand

who God has uniquely made them to be and guide them to a place

of meaningful service in the local church. Revised and updated,

the popular Network approach has been refined for even greater

effectiveness and ease of use. Participants work through a series of

assessments, which leads them to discover their unique blend of

spiritual gifts, personal style, and ministry passion. Participants also

are taught the biblical nature and purpose of the church and the

body of Christ and the unique importance of each member’s


Love and Respect

(book and DVD)


Dr. Emerson Eggerichs’ book, Love & Respect: The Love She Most

Desires, the Respect He Desperately Needs, is based on the biblical

passage from Ephesians 5:33 (But every husband must love his wife

as he loves himself, and wives should respect their husbands

GODS WORD® translation). His premise is that communication between

a husband and wife is often frustrated because of the vastly different ways

in which men and women perceive love. Women are wired to need

unconditional love and men need to feel unconditionally respected.

Revitalize the love in your marriage!

Recommended Reading:

Everybody’s Normal Til You Get to Know Them

(book only)


Since Christians often talk about community as one of their highest

ideals it is shocking when they realize that, as Henri Nouwen

insightfully noted, “Community is the place where the person you

least want to live with always lives.” Fortunately, John Ortberg shares

our passion for community and is able to teach us how to live with and

love one another. With the insight of a counselor and the heart of a

pastor, Ortberg has written one of the best contemporary

considerations of community.

Simple Small Groups:

A User-Friendly Guide for Small Group Leaders

(book only)


Connect, Change, and Cultivate are three words that can

simplify the vital work of a small group leader. Bill Search,

small groups pastor for one of the nation’s largest churches,

lays out three “patterns” for success that don’t lock you into

one approach, the latest fad, or complicated procedures.

These biblically grouped C’s can make whatever small group

model you like best work better. Whether you’re a first-time

facilitator or a seasoned veteran, a pastor or a volunteer leader,

applying these principles will enrich the spiritual life of any

small group.

Spirituality for the Rest of Us:

A Down to Earth Guide to Knowing God

(book only)


Could God be more concerned with the quality of our relationship

with him than the paths we take to get there? Questioning a

one-size-fits-all approach to Christian spirituality, Osborne shows

how to best connect with God through your own unique personality,

strengths, and needs.

HomeBuilders Couples Series

Building Your Marriage

(book & DVD)


This 7-session small group study is designed to bring husbands and

wives closer to each other, closer to God – and closer to the other

couples. You will study Gods Word, share in your challenges and

successes, and build a marriage that will last.



COMMENTARY AVAILABLE! The ABF office has a small supply of a

Genesis Commentary recommended by Pastor Paul for $10.

Genesis Curriculum
Gen 2:15-17, 3:1-19, 24
Gen 6:5-9:17
Gen 11:1-9
Gen 12:1-9
Gen 14:1-24
Gen 16:1-16
Gen 20:1-21-21:5
Gen 22:1-19
Gen 25:2-34
Gen 27:1-29-, 41
Gen 28:10-22
Gen 29:1-30
Gen 29:31-30:43
Gen 34:1-31
Gen 37:2-36
Gen 38:1-26
Gen 39:1-41-41:40
Gen 44:1-34
Gen 50:14-21

We also have an Audio CD of Paul’s lesson on Genesis- one hour long. It was too big to post on the website, but we have CDs.

Genesis Questions
The Book of Genesis
Paul’s handout slides

(The powerpoint cannot be posted on the website due to size, but if you

would like it emailed to you, contact Stephanie at:

Someone has pointed out a great website for videos on Genesis.

Check it out: http//


43 Pages- DVD also available from ABF office


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