home groups

Home ABFs keep growing!!! Please pray for spiritual growth, care and serving through these groups.


Hartville Home ABF

HABF Curriculum

Set A
is a curriculum designed to launch your Home ABF. It includes topics such as The First Meeting, How God Reveals Himself, Salvation, Growing as a Christ-Follower, Uniqueness of Christ, and Prayer.

Set A Teacher’s Guide
Set A Teacher Guide doc
Set A Teacher Guide pdf

Set A Student’s Guide
Set A Student Guide doc
Set A Student Guide pdf

Set B
is a curriculum designed for the second year of your Home ABF. It includes topics such as Worship, Community, and Mission, Grace and Integrity, The Will of God, The Holy Spirit, Sacrifices of a Priest, and Evangelism. Replacement DVDs for Set B are available by contacting the ABF department.

Set B Teacher’s Guide
Set B Teacher Guide doc
Set B Teacher Guide pdf

Set B Student’s Guide

Set B Student Guide doc
Set B Student Guide pdf


TEACHER Start-up Forms

To start the process to become an HABF leader, please fill out the following forms and return them to: Dane Allphin.

Biblical Knowledge
Doctrinal Statement
Teacher Application


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