Teacher Training II

Thanks to those who came out to Teacher Training 2!

For those who missed it, the packet can be found in the link below:

Teacher Training 2 Packet, 2009


Training Videos/Audio/Text

Hear thoughts on Community from our Pastors and Staff

**note: if links will not open, right click on link and choose “Open Link in New Window”

“Facing Conflict Biblically” – text by Gail Benn

“Repellent” – text by Dave Smith

“Repellent” – audio by Dave Smith

“The Spirit of the Leader” – audio by Jeff Martell

“The Spirit of the Leader” – text by Jeff Martell

“Tough but Good” – audio by Tim Haluga

“Tough but Good” – text by Tim Haluga


Teacher Training 1 – March 21st, 2009

If you missed Teacher Training I, or just want access to the lesson information, see below!!!

View Jeff’s PowerPoint

Exegetical & Pedagogical Ideas Handout

Lesson Aims Handout

Bloom’s 3 Domains of Learning Handout

Idea Description Chart

Hook Book Look Took Handout

Lesson Planning Worksheet

Knute’s 3 Hearts of Preparing Handout



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